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This page needs work. At the moment this is an unofficial reference guide for the many entities, people, devices and structures encountered in the various multiverse series of works by Matt Dymerski (M59Gar) along with a number of other authors. This list is incomplete and in a pretty constant state of change, so content may change often and some things may be wrong or incomplete. If you would like to help out improving the content, or would like to add something to this site, request an account.

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The Portal In The Forest The Desolate Guardians The Moon Aflame

Many people have mentioned some level of confusion for the order in which the stories are best read. While each person's view is different, a recommended order has been compiled over at the Multiverse unofficial reading guide. For speculation, theories and unresolved mysteries, check out the Enigmas page.

'The only defense we have against nightmare is the power of self-sacrifice.'


Chronology of Events - Brownshirts

Chronology of Events - The Author (AKA Noah Fulmer)

Chronology of Events - The Black-eyed Army

Chronology of Events - Ward Shaw (AKA The Sword)

Chronology of Events - The Battle of the Capital Temple


The Black-eyed Army

The New Exodus Vanguard

The Grey Army


Leader of the Grey Army


Devices, Structures and Facilities


The First World

Earth 32

Earth 42

Earth 44

Farming World

Branch World

The Raving In-betweens

Orthogonal Reality

Machine Reality

Notable Branch Worlds

Amber One

Amber Two

Amber Four

Amber Five

Amber Eight







Compressed Space AKA Dry Flood


The Council

The Alliance

Gemstone Hegemony

The Crushing Fist

The Black

The Black-eyed Army

The Ink

Inter-reality Dust

Shadow Sphere

Shadow Sight

White Hole

The Thompson Doctrine

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