Bright-eyed Mimic

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First Referenced:

The Hungry Lights

Additional References:

The Gorge, Humanity Revived (Part 2)

'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left. (Part 3)'

Described as carnivorous, shadowy hominid creatures ranging from three to ten feet tall, with eyes of blue and purple/violet. These entities appear to use mimicry to attract prey, which is rapidly torn apart and consumed. Previously encountered by an unnamed writer whos house was largely destroyed by a ten foot tall Bright-eyed mimic during a hurricane in Florida. First encountered by Noah Fulmer along with Chris and Caitlin in a group in a large gorge where the mimics had apparently stopped while travelling. Later encountered by Higgins, Vasiliev Blaku and other troops in The Ink.

Known of by Danny, who warned the rest of his group not to follow the mimic voices.

Mimics are known to operate in family groups and display concern and care of those family groups. Can survive on other sources of protein and also display potential cognition and intelligence with recognition of other sentient races.

Traits: Humanoid appearance, although shadowy and opaque. Vary in size between three and five feet tall, although have been seen as tall as seven feet. Masters of vocal mimicry. Appear to be sentient, and display evidence of a possible code of honor or respect for others.