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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left.'

Vasiliev Blaku is a previous member of The First World military force generally known as Command. He was stationed on Earth 44 and participated in an engagement with the entities within The Ink, including the Mirror Octopus, Preacher and Neural Mosquitos.

Due to the brutality of The Sword in his pursuit of the Preacher within The Ink, as well as his very high casualty rate, Vasiliev Blaku plotted to kill The Sword. His attack on The Sword was foiled by Cristina Thompson, whom Blaku suspected was going to tell The Sword of their plan, and he was subsequently sent to Teskoy Prison for her purported murder during the coup attempt.

He is described as being a prankster, a fool and a clown by Conn Thompson.

While escaping the destruction of the Teskoy Prison gateway facility due to the detonation of its failsafe explosives, Blaku was last seen attempting to access a helijet in the helijet bay. He survived, and was subsequently captured and brought to The First World for imprisonment in a traditional prison along with The Sword, Cristina Thompson and Conn Thompson.

During the trial, Vasiliev discovered that Cristina Thompson was responsible for the horrors he experienced on Earth 44, and subsequently forgave The Sword. Although angry with Cristina for what happened, he volunteered to fly a helijet as close as possible to the White Hole destroying The First World and drop a Dimensional Fracture Bomb to try and fracture the Inner Shield and disperse the compressive forces of The Crushing Fist. Another soldier accompanied him, and while the detonation was successful, Heath lost radar tracking on their helijet. The status of Vasiliev and the soldier who accompanied him is unknown.


Described as a prankster and a clown. Suffered psychological damage due to his engagements in The Ink. Previously held a grudge against Ward Shaw (The Sword), but later transferred the grudge to Cristina Thompson. Subsequently demonstrated a heroic side through self sacrifice to deliver a Dimensional Fracture Bomb to the White Hole on The First World.