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The Desolate Guardians

Additional References:

'I think I may have somehow missed the end of the world...'

'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left.'

Heath is an IT systems administrator, currently in control of a network backbone connected to multiple universes via a Quantum Tunnel Transceiver. He is one of the last remaining of a group of 18 human and 18 Brownshirt volunteers who became a part of the structure and mechanisms that create and maintain both the Outer Shield and Inner Shield.

Originally thought to be trapped in a limited virtual world construct to which he was connected via a direct neural interface, Heath is currently assisting people across multiple universes dealing with the failures and losses of the outer rim universes, and preparing for The Crushing Fist. Through his unique method of neural interface to the system, he was able to perceive the Soul Reader (Book) directly without suffering immediate and catastrophic brain damage.

Heath's exact physical status is unknown. While he believes himself to be human, connected to the system via a neural interface, he actually exists as a disembodied brain in a medical vat, maintained as part of a complex and adaptive network node. He also has at his disposal two switches, one red one to release him from his situation through death, the other green one to wipe or reset his personal memories and leave his skills intact, to allow him to continue to function and help people with his abilities. It would appear that the support systems Heath is connected to are able to adapt to his awareness of his situation, developing plausible simulations to assist him in coping with his condition.

Heath has repeatedly had to come to terms in some form with his condition, particularly when required to perform feats that would otherwise be impossible for a normal person. During his communication with Noah Fulmer (and his duplicate), he was made aware of his condition, however Noah subsequently told Heath that he was only joking and had lied. The Shadow Entity subsequently commented to Noah Fulmer that his deception towards Heath regarding his condition was rather sadistic.

During the destruction of The First World, Heath successfully used his connectivity to the communication networks across the multiverse to access information on and simultaneously contact every inhabitant remaining alive, and address them individually by name to tell them not to look at a large Ruby Cube that had escaped from Teskoy Prison. He became more stable however when Conn Thompson talked to him, requesting further help and information.

Whether through his enhancements, or other means, Heath has also made contact with a creature known as a Shadow Entity, which is capable of operating within the minds of people across multiple dimensions. Heath has made an agreement with a specific Shadow Entity, which apparently will result in his demise.

Heath, or at least the facility housing him is located well within the Outer Shield, somewhere near the Inner Shield but not actually on The First World itself. This provides him with the high level of connectivity required to interface with the internet and systems in each parallel universe.

After the events of The Crushing Fist, Heath has apparently ceased contact, and has likely kept to his part of the agreement he made with the Shadow Entity. The nature of this agreement remains unknown, and as a result, so does Heath's exact status.


Helpful, caring and compassionate. Capable of coordinating, interpreting and managing vast quantities of information. Whether through his augmentation or other means, he is capable of perceiving the Soul Reader (Book) in its natural form. Heath also forms an integral part of the Capital Temple control systems.