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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left.'

The Ruby Cube is a potentially sentient entity which takes the form of a translucent, floating cube. The size of the cube can vary, with sized noted at between a mile and four or five miles along each side. The Ruby Cube is associated with the Gemstone Hegemony, however little else is known about the cube, other than that it becomes a fatal danger when a sufficiently large number of people look directly at it. Due to its dangerous nature, Command has consigned at least one Ruby Cube to Teskoy Prison.

When observed, the Ruby Cube appears to become aware of the individual observing it, on which it will turn its attention to the observer. When a sufficiently large number of observers exist, the cube will position itself above them and begin a complex transformation process as it proceeds to open. What occurs after the cube opens is currently unknown, however the prospect of it opening on The First World over a large crowd of survivors appeared to terrify Cristina Thompson.

The Ruby Cube is also apparently able to manipulate other Gemstone Hegemony technology, as evidenced by the cube encountered by Conn Thompson, which was able to retrieve his discarded and disabled Sapphire Rifle.

Traits: Airborne, ruby colored and cube-shaped. Varies in size, although that may be due to optical illusion due to the scale of the cube. Potentially sentient, or at minimum capable of identification of people observing it. Considered sufficiently hostile to human life to warrant being sent to Teskoy Prison.