Sapphire Rifle

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First Referenced:

Our Final Acts (Part 6)

Additional References:

Our Final Acts (Part 8)

The Sapphire Rifle is a weapon based on or derived from the Gemstone Hegemony and hidden in a secret cache by Cristina Thompson. Many duplicates of the original single weapon possessed by Cristina were created along with multiple duplicates of Noah Fulmer using the Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft present in Noah's home universe.

Like many weapons based on Gemstone Hegemony technology, the Sapphire rifle is capable of dealing enormous destructive power. When fired, the rifle launches a deep blue dodecahedron projectile which explodes on contact with solid matter. The Sapphire rifle itself was created by humanity, rather than by the entities comprising the Gemstone Hegemony, which explains its suitability for use by humans or Yngtak.

When dropped by Conn Thompson after suffering a malfunction, a Ruby Cube was able to detect and retrieve the weapon through unknown means.

Traits: Original technology acquired from the Gemstone Hegemony, likely through theft or violence. Smooth with similar dimensions to a traditional assault rifle. Capable of causing significant destruction.