Gemstone Hegemony

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Our Final Acts (Part 3)

The Gemstone Hegemony is a faction referred to by Sorkis as the origin for a purple beam weapon employed in the battle of the Capital Temple. Little else is known of the hegemony, its society or its citizens, however their technology appears to be largely crystalline in nature. The First World has had contact with them across a period of approximately 800 years, in which the beam weapon was stolen from the hegemony. The Gemstone Hegemony is known to span a vast region of the multiverse on parallel Earths, where the dominant lifeforms are crystalline in nature. Due to the differing laws of physics from Gemstone Hegemony realities applying to the matter from which many Gemstone lifeforms are made from, many gemstone entities are able to float with no apparent force supporting them.

Due to the effects of The Crushing Fist, the Gemstone Hegemony has apparently largely evacuated to the Orthogonal Reality. The Gemstone Hegemony determined the location of the Orthogonal Reality through trade with the Regret Demon, which had determined the location of it through the use of one of Cristina Thompson's shoes, which contained dirt from the reality.

The squad of Kendrick Merrill encountered a Gemstone Hegemony reality, which was apparently largely abandoned, apart from a number of Diamond Farmers. Their presence apparently caused a defensive or hostile response, likely due to previous hostile actions by The First World, which resulted in a large amethyst pyramid chasing the squad until they escaped through another inter-dimensional rift.