Orthogonal Reality

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Our Final Acts (Part 7)

The Orthogonal Reality is an artificial reality constructed as part of the overall shielded section of the multiverse comprising the Outer Shield, Inner Shield and Branch Worlds. It also contains a control facility capable of interfacing with and interacting with the shield systems, as well as large technology repositories for unusual devices and technology that Command was unable to effectively utilize when the system was first constructed. Its location and method of access is highly classified, to the point Heath has no information regarding the facility or its contents.

One feature of the Orthogonal Reality is that the human mind is unable to retain any memories of experiences when leaving the reality for another. Cristina Thompson has previously visited the Orthogonal Reality, and acquired the Soul Reader (Book) while exploring.

The reality itself is characterized by an unusual featureless pink surface with a bright cyan sky. Multiple vast human constructed structures apparently exist on the surface, which include vast repositories of technology and information. Unlike other realities, this reality appears to be able to be manipulated by thought, as well as reacting and adapting to conscious and subconscious emotional states. Much of the information stored within the vaults, while taking the appearance of paper documentation, exists as pure ideas rather than in a text form.

Cristina Thompson was able to access the reality by manipulating a stolen Metallic Chip, which transported her and a surrounding sphere of dirt and other material directly to the reality. After examining the vaults and collecting the Soul Reader (Book), Cristina Thompson was able to consciously manipulate the reality to generate a device similar to those within the Portal hub facility installations, which she used to send herself to Danny's reality.

The Regret Demon learned of the location of the Orthogonal Reality through Cristina Thompson, who had traded a shoe containing remnants of dirt which had also traveled to the Orthogonal Reality. It then traded that information to the Gemstone Hegemony, which evacuated there to escape The Crushing Fist. The presence of the Gemstone Hegemony made human evacuation to the Orthogonal Reality impossible.