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First Referenced:

The Portal in the Forest (All parts)

Other References:

The Desolate Guardians (Part 6)

'I didn't miss the end of the world [Final Part]'

'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left. (Part 2)'

Danny is a teenager, approximately 18-19 years old and is the defacto leader of the group of children encountered by Cristina Thompson in The Portal in the Forest. Like many of the other children, his hometown is based in Richmond, Virginia.

Danny assisted Cristina Thompson multiple times when trying to dispose of the Soul Reader (Book), and even went so far as to steal it to attempt to dispose of it on his own despite hitting Thomas for trying to do the same thing. He subsequently learned, along with the other children, that the Soul Reader (Book) was not a malicious entity, and simply a device disguised as a book.

Danny suffered extreme brain damage due to observing the undisguised structure of the Soul Reader (Book), which was subsequently undone by the Regret Demon as part of a deal by Cristina Thompson to leave its realm with the Soul Reader (Book) without opening/activating it.

After the loss of Cristina Thompson through a portal to The First World, he became the Soul Reader (Book)'s primary user, using it to read both Heath's and Conn Thompson's souls.

Danny's current situation is unknown, however he has previously been in charge of a group of nearly a hundred people including Alek, Thomas, Conn Thompson, Jay and many others, who were working along with Heath to stop The Crushing Fist and rescue the missing Brownshirts and Cristina Thompson.


Natural leader of the group of children who discovered the portal in the forest. Stubborn, headstrong and brave, to the point of taking dangerous risks to avoid potential risk to others.