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First Reference:

The Moon Aflame

Additional References:

The Crushing Fist, Our Final Acts

Early History

Alek (short for Alexander) Staley lived in the universe originally inhabited by the Dreamer On High, outside the Outer Shield. He had a brother, Will, and has a sister, Laura. Diagnosed with a mental disorder which causes difficulty in distinguishing the difference between reality and dreams, for which he originally took medication. Subsequent exposure to the Dreamer On High has since induced a permanent change which has rectified the disorder. Described as grubby and unshaven, as well as a fan heavy metal such as Megadeth and Dio.

Alek encountered the Brownshirts after their exodus from their universe, which was consumed by Von Neumann machines, and assisted in freeing a number of them from the Dreamer On High. The Brownshirts gave Alek a small Metallic Chip which shows a way to a safe haven, similar to that retrieved by Cristina Thompson on the parallel Earth controlled by the Cordyceps Fungus.

Recent History

Alek has since teamed up with Danny, Thomas and the other members of their group in an effort to fight The Crushing Fist. He has become part of The Council, the defacto leadership of the vast number of refugees that flooded inwards towards The First World, prior to its destruction. Alek has also become something of a hero to many refugees, who revere him for his actions against the Dreamer On High and leading people towards The First World away from danger.

Alek has since commenced a mission to an 'Amber' world, or Branch World. The shield cracks were accessed via Earth 44, however the Mictlan have already arrived in that world. Alek and his volunteers do not expect to survive their attempt to negotiate with the Mictlan, and Alek has passed a presumed final message to Ashley via Heath, as well as instructions let his sister die peacefully should he also not survive.

Traits: Varied, in part due to the effects of the Dreamer On High. Since having his mental state cleared through the effects of the Dreamer On High, his personality could be described as introverted but caring.