Cordyceps Fungus

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First referenced:

The Portal in the Forest (Final part)

Other references:

The Desolation Guardians (Part 4)

First encountered by the Brownshirt after fleeing the Sentient Flame universe, this life form exists as a single planetary scale organism which has infected the minds of almost all living entities. More complex than just a standard fungus or plant, the organism exists as a single hive mind consisting of itself and the minds of infected slaves. The only known free life on the planet exists through inadvertent consumption of toxic waste products excreted by the massive neural cluster equivalents into flowing waterways and creeks. This was used by Cristina Thompson to briefly free an enslaved Brownshirt before he died from the infection and damage done by the organism as they attempted to leave via the portal.

The hive mind organism has also cultivated numerous plant-based organisms for use as toys, weapons and servants. Some examples of these might be the Carnivorous Motile Vines and the Facehugging Plant Pods

Traits: Shares traits of both fungi and plants. Has expressed hostility towards humans and unwillingness to release enslaved lifeforms. Displays megalomaniacal tendencies and refers to itself as "God".

Excretes toxic waste products into flowing waterways which can be identified by a pale greenish hue. The fungus/plant structures will actively avoid contaminated areas.