Sentient Flame

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First reference:

The Portal in the Forest (Part 6)

Additional references:

'I think I may have missed the end of the world..... {Part ??}', Our Final Acts (Part 7)


Entity composed primarily of energy with an underlying crystalline structure. First encountered by the Brownshirts while fleeing from the Dreamer On High.

Later encountered by Cristina Thompson while searching for the remaining Brownshirts on Jonathan Cortin's Earth, where the Dimensional Fracture Bomb had wreaked havoc. A dead flame crystal was taken and analysed with the Soul Reader (Book) prior to being reignited and released.

Sentient flames have also been encountered on Noah Fulmer's version of Earth, assisting in preventing damage caused Green Freeze Flame that was freezing the area. The intention of these sentient flames is unknown, however they do not appear to be hostile.

Sentient flames are capable of inter-dimensional travel, moving from one plane of reality to another in search of either fuel, or knowledge to understand. A number of sentient flames became aware of the Outer Shield while travelling and spent some time examining it prior to finding a crack formed from within due to an inter-dimensional explosion from the Dimensional Fracture Bomb. While this allowed them within the shield, they found many hostile realities were seeping together, and also learned of The Crushing Fist.

Friendly sentient flames also assisted in containing Green Freeze Flame which was being used to contain the spread of GLORWOC. One of the flames also advised Jay to find a universe bubble that was protected from the effects of The Crushing Fist, described as being orthogonal (or at right angles) compared to the traditional universes protected within the Outer Shield.

Traits: Multiple species of sentient flame apparently exist, some which move between planes of existence looking for sources of unlockable (chemical) energy to consume. Other varieties are more enlightened, and use vacuum energy (Zero point energy) to survive instead. Hostile sentient flames are highly dangerous and will seek to destroy any potential enemies.

Sentient flames can be extinguished if sufficient energy is drawn from their system. While it is unknown how this may be achieved, sentient flames may reignite, or return to life if their crystalline form is heated sufficiently.