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First Referenced:

The Back Paths - Running the Maze

Other references - The Desolate Guardians: Part 2, "I think I may have somehow missed the end of the world... (Part 3)"

First encountered by Noah Fulmer (in his 'Hunter' personality) and Mike by accident while travelling through an inter-dimensional pocket universe, by emerging into a parallel version of their own universe. Identified by white signs nailed to apartment doors with red writing stating GLORWOC.

Due to the cracks between realities, GLORWOC has been transmitted to the Capital Temple reality by the remaining survivor encountered by Cristina Thompson, and who's log entries were read by Heath.

Ward Shaw and/or Cristina Thompson have described GLORWOC as a mindless consumer of everything, with no capacity for truce, reason or compassion.

Traits: Consumer of organic and potentially inorganic material. Fluoresces iridescent blue under sunlight and favors consuming the outer layers of flesh and skin first, leaving the vital organs, brain and eyes to be consumed last. Slowed by extreme cold and low oxygen levels, it is possible to survive while infected, however the introduction of further heat or oxygen will increase the rate of consumption. Survival while infected is very uncomfortable.

Known to have consumed an entire parallel earth prior to failure of infrastructure present there. One known survivor as of last contact, log entry taken on day 368. Survivor known to have left the affected reality and traveled to the Capital Temple pocket reality, potentially via other realities.