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Our Final Acts

Structure and Description

The Capital Temple is a central structure of the Inner Shield and Outer Shield, housed within an artificial pocket universe in a fashion similar to Teskoy Prison. The Capital Temple itself consists of a massive complex, containing the machinery and equipment necessary to generate both of the shields (Inner and Outer) surrounding human populated universes in the multiverse. The Capital Temple is capable of manipulating the shield it generates to selectively eject realities from within its protection when required. It is also presumably capable of selectively bringing realities within its protection.

During the events of The Crushing Fist, both Heath and the Key Program were delivered to the Capital Temple by Jonathan Cortin and began to perform the necessary rituals to revitalize the shield and provide a lasting protection for humanity from the Shadow Entities and other horrors of darkness.

Within the vast chrome trimmed doors of the Capital Temple is a vast tunnel, cut through the rock as if with a vast laser beam. At the end of the tunnel is a large domed structure, with phosphorescent gold and white light generated by the shield generator and inner walls of the dome. The dome walls are lined with carvings and chrome patterns, and at the center of the floor of the dome is a vast, miles-wide construct with rotating golden rings set into the floor. The construct also possesses holographic generators, which project a visual representation of the Outer Shield and the realities sheltered within above an array of controls and consoles for the primary shield generator.

The Capital Temple artificial pocket universe is confirmed to at most be the size of the standard Sol system, and is likely to have been smaller due to its need to only protect the spatial region covering the Earth.

The Battle of the Capital Temple

The Battle of the Capital Temple took place between the volunteer assault forces of The Council against The Black-eyed Army, and later included the Mictlan. While the number of casualties for The Black-eyed Army is unknown, their number has been reduced to no more than two hundred, while the casualties of the volunteer assault force is known to be above half a million dead, which have subsequently been claimed by the Mictlan.

The Capital Temple and the battleground has subsequently been infected with GLORWOC, which has also infected the Mictlan and shadow forces.

Due to the infection of GLORWOC, an alliance has been forged by Danny between The Council, the Brownshirts, The Black-eyed Army, the Mictlan and the Shadow Entities. However, the compression of The Crushing Fist has continued, resulting in dimensional ruptures and placing the generator mechanisms under further pressure.

Evacuation of the Capital Temple

In order to prevent the spread of GLORWOC, surviving infected people and entities alike undertook a mass amputation process, where all infected flesh was physically removed and left behind. Whether due to GLORWOC or the pressure of The Crushing Fist, the Capital Temple has likely been destroyed.