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The Portal in the Forest

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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left.', Our Final Acts (Part 3), Our Final Acts (Part 4)

While their origin is unknown, multiple re-animated corpses were found on a parallel Earth by Cristina Thompson and Thomas while attempting to dispose of the Soul Reader (Book). These re-animated corpses were only visible when under direct light, otherwise they remained invisible. The corpses appeared to have been reanimated through the influence of a large mobile metallic construct.

Both the gargantuan metallic construct and the re-animated corpses are collectively known as 'Mictlan' or 'Mictlantecuhtli', as discovered through use of the Soul Reader (Book) on one of the reanimated corpses. This appears to be a reference to the Aztec mythology of the underworld. Corpses re-animated by the controlling construct appear to have their humanity stripped away entirely, as the Soul Reader (Book) is unable to connect with any remnant soul of the previous living individual. The Mictlan itself explains that it has no need of the souls or minds of the bodies it possesses, and that it casts them out. What becomes of the original soul component is unknown.

The Mictlan were also encountered by refugees fleeing inwards from the effects of The Crushing Fist.

Heath has been aware of the Mictlan through reports sent by various fighters working for The Council. From his observations it would appear the Mictlan, while very dangerous and hostile, are also fleeing inwards, away from the devastation and darkness of The Crushing Fist. Alek and a number of volunteers have attempted to make contact with the Mictlan, although they expect such an effort to result in their own deaths.

The Mictlan controller joined The Battle of the Capital Temple, gaining an additional horde of at least half a million corpses. It then directly engaged the Shadow Entities and Animal Shadows. After becoming partially infected by GLORWOC, the Mictlan controller had one of its eight limbs amputated to prevent further infection. During the amputation it was discovered by Jay than the Mictlan controller is at least a partially organic entity.

Traits: Corpse-things invisible unless under bright direct light from a flashlight or lightning. Displays hostile intentions and attacks living creatures when alerted to their presence. Remotely controlled from a massive metallic construct of unknown origin and incapable of independent operation.

The Mictlan controller is comprised of a large organic entity covered in metallic armor, and has eight mobile legs on which it is able to move. It is enormous in size, with the mobile metal covered legs stretching up above cloud height. In addition to its physical size and strength, the controller also appears to be armed with controlled beam weaponry, which can operate as a powerful searchlight, or in a fashion similar to a laser, which can cut enormous objects with ease. The beam weapon used is typically cyan in color.

Note: Mictlantecuhtli is also a deity from Aztec mythology, which translates to 'Lord of Mictlan'. Mictlan is the Aztec concept of the underworld, or land of the dead. In Aztec mythology Mictlantecuhtli is also associated with spiders, bats and owls.