Chronology of Events - The Battle of the Capital Temple

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The Battle of the Capital Temple was a major battle between members of The Black-eyed Army and volunteers from the refugee human population that sought shelter within the Outer Shield and on The First World. It was preceded by the discovery of the Key Program by Noah Fulmer, and the kidnapping of multiple Brownshirts by The Black-eyed Army.

  • Loss of multiple Farming Worlds due to inter-dimensional friction which causes major tectonic activity. Population evacuation commenced.
  • Ingress of further Shadow Entity physical constructs in the form of a miles-wide black flesh protuberance. Damage to one of the eight legs of the Mictlan controller. Secondary battle commenced.
  • Agreement by the new alliance to perform mass amputations, to prevent further spread of GLORWOC
  • Partial implosion of multiple realities brought on by The Crushing Fist, with the Capital Temple under further stress while attempting to revitalize the shield.
  • Amputation of infected limb from the Mictlan controller, as well as from all others infected by GLORWOC. Introduction of Green Freeze Flame to slow the spread.
  • Evacuation of all remaining uninfected and surviving individuals from the Capital Temple.