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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left. (Part 2)

The farming worlds are versions of Earth dedicated to growing the vast quantities of food required to support The First World and Command. These world are located close to The First World in the multiverse, being just outside the golden Inner Shield, and serve the double purpose of providing a last line of fortification around The First World as well as growing food. The produce from these worlds is transported via vast cargo transport installations within a Portal hub facility on each world, which typically exists deep below the ground.

Farming worlds generally have limited electrical and technological infrastructure, as their primary purpose of growing food doesn't require large population centers. Complex control and maintenance systems are generally limited to the facilities surrounding the Portal hub facility.

Due to the collapse of Command, the military force originating from The First World which sustains the outer shield, many farm worlds are now understaffed or are operating on skeleton crews.

As The Crushing Fist has begun to damage many of the outer universes in the multiverse, many farm worlds are now filled with refugees who have fled inwards in search of sanctuary.