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'I think I may have somehow missed the end of the world...' (Part 2)

Roger first encountered Noah Fulmer while undergoing a group psychic interrogation by an unknown party. He is an ex-lawyer who has since become a garbage collector.

From Roger's perspective, he first encountered the left path copy of Noah Fulmer who was searching for other people in his seemingly empty world.

In his first encounter with Noah Fulmer, he reacted to being briefly fooled by pulling a gun and attempting to kill him in response to his attempts to gather information.

He subsequently assisted Jay and a number of other survivors in temporarily capturing the left path copy of Noah Fulmer and attempting to escort him to the hunter personality of the right path copy. He was then kidnapped and tortured by the left path copy of Noah Fulmer in an attempt to gather further information.

After the end of the psychic interrogation through the efforts of the Shadow Entity, Roger, Jay and a number of others were freed, and met up with the group of children from the forest (including Thomas), who were preparing to rescue Cristina Thompson.


Standard human survivor of a dimensionally fractured universe. No unusual features, apart from suspicion born out of his experiences post-fracture event.