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N/A - Appears in some capacity in many stories featuring Noah Fulmer

Chris is a childhood friend of Noah Fulmer and Caitlin, and participated in (albeit to an extent unwillingly) many of the supernatural experiences with them in their early years.

Chris later began dating Caitlin, and encountered two more unusual phenomenon with her as well as Noah Fulmer. One event resulted in their translocation from Ohio to Western Virginia, while the other with the Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft resulted in the production of an exact doppelganger who was left captured by a carnivorous entity along with the duplicates of Caitlin and Noah Fulmer. The status of Chris' doppelganger remains unknown.

Chris joined the global evacuation of his world, due to the damage wrought by the detonation of a Dimensional Fracture Bomb in the nearby reality of Jonathan Cortin, eventually meeting with Noah Fulmer on a Farming World, prior to his joining in The Battle of the Capital Temple.

Traits: Described as having brown hair and eyes, with hard cheeks. Prefers to avoid the supernatural, tagging along with Noah Fulmer out of friendship. Holds a slight grudge against Noah Fulmer for exposing him to so many horrific experiences, in part believing him to attract or cause the events.