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The Desolate Guardians (Part 3)

Jonathan Cortin is a soldier of Command, based on a version of Earth affected by the testing of a Dimensional Fracture Bomb (although the dimensional fractures were not the intended effect of the device). He is the last remaining survivor of his group of fifty thousand troops although other survivors also exist in his area, these initially being a Russian male and a Yngtak female, although they too were lost over time.

When last seen by Heath and Cristina Thompson, Heath was forced to overload his ocular implant in order to render him unconscious before the effects of Purple Slice forced him to commit fatal self harm. Jonathan was able to survive the destruction of his ocular implant, although at the cost of his eyesight in one eye.

Jonathan subsequently encountered Alek, who was leading many people through cracks in realities, in towards the Inner Shield and The First World. A number of volunteers stayed with Jonathan, although each eventually fell victim to the many dangers affecting the universe due to the Dimensional Fracture Bomb. The last remaining volunteer, Beth Daschel, eventually fell victim to a Dream Stealer, which then inhabited her body and mind.

Jonathan has been forced through necessity at times to become necro-cannibalistic, eating the meat of his fallen comrades. The dark entities of The Black use this fact as another way of torturing him.

Jonathan's primary role as a desolate guardian on the edge of the Outer Shield was to manually trigger a large machine, comprising a Portal hub facility and a massive particle accelerator. This machine takes a 24 hour period to charge, and when triggered releases a large interdimensional pulse, capable of strengthening the Outer Shield and the walls of his reality slightly as well as banishing the dark entities of The Black.

During his encounters with The Black, Jonathan has sustained a wound which has infected him in a manner similar to that which created The Black-eyed Army. As the infection spread, his previously damaged eye has been restored, allowing him to perceive the shadowy entities living in The Black, as well as hearing their talk or thoughts. This gave him the ability to see through their deceptions, allowing him to trigger the machine successfully.

Jonathan has since been evacuated to the base of The Council on a Farming World along with the Dream Stealer inhabiting the body of Beth Daschel, his role taken over by a large volunteer reinforcement force.

Traits: One of the Desolate Guardians, with a very strong sense of duty. Displays good mental resilience and strength, making him a very good survivor against the odds.