Beth Daschel

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Our Final Acts (Part 2)

Beth Daschel was a volunteer fighter, who chose to serve with Jonathan Cortin on his version of Earth, which had been devastated by the effects of a Dimensional Fracture Bomb. She was fiercely in love with Jonathan Cortin, which likely played a role in her remaining with him in the devastated reality. Originally one of a larger volunteer force, Beth was the last survivor besides Jonathan, and fell victim to a Dream Stealer through exhaustion.

While her original consciousness was destroyed by the Dream Stealer, the mind and body endured along with her memories. As the Dream Stealer, the last of its kind began to bond with Beth's physical body, it has involuntarily taken on various aspects of her personality, and despite its original state of mind, has been influenced by Beth's love for Jonathan to the point of joining them in the fight against The Crushing Fist.

The Dream Stealer form of Beth has formed an alliance with Jonathan Cortin, due to them both being the last remaining survivors in their universe. She/It has remained with Jonathan, even when evacuated to The Council's base of operations on a Farming World.

Original Traits: Selfless, survivalist, conscientious.

Dream Stealer Traits: Fearful of The Black, but later began to adopt more human traits, due in part to being the last of its kind and also through the torture of the entities within The Black.