Dimensional Fracture Bomb

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First referenced:

The Desolate Guardians (Part 3)

An intricate device, chrome and black in appearance approximating a dodecahedron shape. Contains a mechanical deactivation system which consists of a circle with four jutting rods, which is approximately two foot diameter. Based on information retrieved by Heath, it would appear the dimensional fractures were an unintended consequence of a failed test of the device. As Heath later ascertained from a Dr Evans on The First World, the device was originally intended to strengthen the Outer Shield.

One such device caused devastation on Jonathan Cortin's world, where it was tested without success. In addition, the damage it did propagated to a number of nearby realities, devastating them as well. A second device was accidentally sent to the core universe of the multiverse structure, but was deactivated by Cristina Thompson with the mechanical deactivation system. The device was deactivated prior to transmission, but too late to prevent transmission of both the device and Cristina Thompson to the core universe (The First World) from taking place.

Cristina Thompson later reactivated the device that she traveled with to The First World, which was then taken as close as possible to the White Hole by Vasiliev Blaku and detonated in an effort to destroy it by collapsing the Inner Shield. The effort backfired, resulting in the subsequent destruction of The First World.