Dream Stealer

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Method Acting

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Our Final Acts (Part 2)

The Dream Stealers are entities that exist on a different plane of reality, outside the physical realm of humanity. Similar in a sense to the Shadow Entity and other consciousness consuming entities, the Dream Stealers also consume the consciousness, or mind of sentient creatures that should become sufficiently physically weak to be unable to resist them. Dream Stealers connect, interact with and manipulate their victims through the victim's dreams, and after consuming the consciousness of the victim, proceed to possess the victim's body.

Through possession of a victim's body, a Dream Stealer gains access to memories stored within the brain, and will survive if it is able to leave a victim's body sufficiently quickly prior to any damage becoming fatal. If however it remains within a victim's body when the body is destroyed, the Dream Stealer will also be destroyed. The process of possessing the victim's body brings about an apparently involuntary blending of personalities between the Dream Stealer and victim, which can result in permanent changes to the Dream Stealer as a result.

The Dream Stealers have also been encountered by Jonathan Cortin, where their reality would blend with his for a 26 minute period each day, due to the effects of the Dimensional Fracture Bomb. All but one of the particular group of Dream Stealers affecting Jonathan Cortin's universe have since been destroyed by the dark entities connected to The Crushing Fist, Shadow Sphere and The Black-eyed Army.

Traits: Dangerous to sentient life forms which have been physically and mentally weakened. Cannot be attacked physically unless possessing the mind and body of a victim. May be vulnerable to mental attack through dreams, and can be detected by the vigilant through noticing their inhuman and hollow consciousness. Can be successfully avoided through prevention of sleep, or direct manipulation of dreams (lucid dreaming). Vulnerable to the nature and traits of the victims they possess, which can bring about involuntary changes in the Dream Stealer itself.