The Black-eyed Army

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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left. (Part 6)'

The Black-eyed Army is a military group which was originally part of The First World Command. It was created when Cristina Thompson ordered Ward Shaw (The Sword) to lead his remaining loyal soldiers through the Shadow Sphere on Earth 44 after they came under sustained attack from rebels and mutinous soldiers who were lead in a revolt by Vasiliev Blaku. Those that passed through the portal mechanism of the Shadow Sphere were subjected to torture and modification by various Shadow Entities who forced them to endure living nightmares, resulting in their eyes turning black, as well as acquiring enhanced strength. The founding members of the Black-eyed Army were able to escape the Shadow Entities due to the Purple bio-stone embedded in the spine of Ward Shaw (The Sword), which caused a dangerous reaction when the entities attempted to cut away his soul.

In addition to their enhancements by the Shadow Entities, The Black-eyed Army also took many anomalous weapons, biotics and other tools with them. With the Shadow Sphere able to transport them to any chosen reality, they set up a base on a dead version of Earth, located well outside the Outer Shield, and continued to collect further exotic weaponry, tools and individuals useful to their purpose of defending those within the shields from the Shadow Entities.

Cristina Thompson maintained some level of control over The Black-eyed Army through The Sword, who she controlled via a Purple bio-stone. Since his incarceration, Cristina Thompson has since lost control of The Black-eyed Army, which is now working towards its own agenda of securing the Inner Shield and Outer Shield, and taking the safe space for themselves. As restoration of the shields requires the involvement of the Brownshirts, the Black-eyed Army kidnapped them from the outpost on the Farming World in which they inflicted considerable casualties to civilians during the engagement.

During the battle for the Capital Temple, The Black-eyed Army employed a number of weapons, including a purple beam weapon, a number of entities similar to the Living Gas Entity, an acidic compound, a device known as a Mind-Silencer and a number of Rotators (giant self-powered sawblades), as well as many other dangerous entities. Many of The Black-Eyed Army were killed as a result of the engagement, such as Sorkis, and fewer than two hundred remain.

The Black-eyed Army has since formed an alliance with humanity, acting as the protectors and defenders against the dangers of the multiverse.

In this capacity, members formerly of the Black-eyed Army are now known as Bre'kat.

Bre'kat (Members of the Black-eyed Army) typically display animalistic traits, belonging to and working in packs in a fashion similar to wolves. They value their pack members and those that they defend highly, and are more than prepared to use their full strength and abilities in both defending and advancing the cause of their own or those they defend.

Traits: Shadow enhanced humans, originally from Command. Enhancement provides significantly boosted strength and regenerative abilities, as well as enhanced multidimensional vision known as Shadow Sight. Military trained, highly disciplined with significant resources at their disposal. Has access to anomalous materials and weapons. Considered very hostile, with little to no regard for civilian lives or those outside their pack.