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First Referenced:

Our Final Acts (Part 1)

Additional References:

Our Final Acts (Part 3)

The Rotator, or Tiger-eye sawblade is a relatively simple but still mostly unknown entity, described as a giant 30 foot diameter circular saw blade, powered by a large, glowing, tiger-eyed gemstone at its center. The saw blade is perforated by holes in various locations.

The origin of the Rotators is currently unknown, however it is related to the chaotic and sometimes world-ending destructive entities brought on by The Crushing Fist. The first Rotator was encountered on a Farming World by Alek in a refugee camp. Alek and many others successfully disabled it by jamming the cutting blade with rocks, then later with stronger objects such as metal poles. Other Rotators were also encountered at the battle of the Capital Temple, where Sorkis had three Rotators under his direct control. These were disabled by the volunteer assault force through the gruesome but effective method of jamming the blades with their own flesh and bone.

The material the blade is made from is unknown, but is expected to be extremely strong to withstand the extremely strong centrifugal forces acting on its outer rim along with damage caused by objects that the blade cuts through. The nature of crystalline engine spinning the blade is also unknown, but does not appear to be intelligent on its own, although it is able to be controlled by an individual, as in the case of Sorkis. The engine does however appear to be capable of either anchoring itself to a physical location, or is otherwise able to provide counter-rotational thrust to spin the blade and also move itself around.

Traits: Mechanical and crystalline, causes damage through simple brute force. Dangerous when active, but able to be disabled by blocking the blade with sufficiently tough materials.