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First Referenced: The Portal in the Forest

Also Referenced - The Desolate Guardians, The Burning Moon

The brownshirts are a community of descended energy beings from a universe consumed by self-replicating (Von Neumann) machines. They have been moving inwards in the multiverse structure seeking safety while fleeing an unknown entity or entities that is hunting them. They are hopeful that old alliances at their destination (The First World) are still in place. Unfortunately, The First World did not honor the old alliance, and imprisoned the brownshirts in Teskoy Prison, prior to their rescue by Danny's team.

The brownshirts were part of an ancient alliance that assisted The First World in building the structures and machinery used to generate the Inner Shield, Outer Shield and Branch World shields. As a result they were thought to be the only known entities who could rebuild the Outer Shield and help stop The Crushing Fist, which resulted in their being hunted by Cristina Thompson and The Black-eyed Army. The unique abilities of the brownshirts also drew the attention of the Dreamer On High, who utilized them to generate a unique variety of Portal.

The brownshirts have since reaffirmed their alliance with Danny, and have chosen to stick with humanity for protection, assisting in rebuilding the old technology and systems that generated the shields, as well as the portal generation mechanisms present in the Portal hub facilities.


While appearing human, members of this community are capable of perceiving and manipulating electromagnetic energy, as well as generating interdimensional portals through focused willpower. Manipulated by the Dreamer On High, a number of brownshirts were able to generate highly dangerous modified portals capable of allowing transition across both time as well as different quantum choice trees of a given universe.


One known brownshirt is Thomas, last known to be working with Cristina Thompson, Danny and a number of other children.

A number of brownshirts are currently trapped on a Cordyceps Fungus infected parallel Earth. One member of this group was temporarily freed from entrapment by Cristina Thompson and Heath, but died shortly afterwards.

A group of brownshirts were imprisoned by The First World in Teskoy Prison, accused of bringing about The Crushing Fist. Since The Battle of the Capital Temple, they have opted to remain with humanity.