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The Desolate Guardians (Part 3)

Little is known about the Yngtak, except that they appear to be visually quite different to standard humans. One Yngtak woman was stationed on the same dimensionally fractured world as Jonathan Cortin, and an additional Yngtak (Larry) has been encountered by Conn Thompson on an inner farming world. Further Yngtak exist within Teskoy Prison.

The Yngtak have had a long and bloody conflict with the military of The First World, as described by Conn Thompson, who had readied himself for a fight when he first encountered Larry, a Yngtak, on the inner farming world.

Little is known of the Yngtak home universe, however it is claimed that different laws of physics apply there, resulting in a universe which has no real planets or stars, but instead exists with light, clouds and gravity rocks. Yngtak society appears to be non-secular, with leaders of their society described as Prelates.

The Yngtak home universe, based outside the Outer Shield, is no longer accessible, and was thought to have been obliterated, along with many other universes, in an area The Sword described as being as wide as three hundred and eighty six universes. The loss of the Yngtak home universe appears to be known to Larry, who joined his people in mourning its loss.

The Yngtak have been encountered by The New Exodus Vanguard while on their mourning ritual while seeking a new home. This refugee pilgrimage has resulted in heavy losses for the remaining Yngtak population, who were noted to leave those who had died, or were too exhausted to continue without offering any further assistance to them.

The Yngtak home universe has since been encountered intact but with its population deceased by The New Exodus Vanguard. The survival of the Yngtak reality was discovered to be due to the implementation of stolen and modified First World shield technology by the Yngtak. As discovered by Randy Ellwood and Mona Wygant, the Yngtak shield system was developed to be multi-layered. The collapse of these layered shields by The Devastation resulted in the Yngtak reality being launched from its original position in the multiverse to new position, clear of the Inter-reality Dust and other residual damage.

Traits: Light yellow skin, angular facial features and eyelids with no eyelashes.