Mona Wygant

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First Referenced:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 1)

Additional References:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Multiple Parts)

Mona Wygant is a member of The New Exodus Vanguard, and part of the squad lead by Kendrick Merrill. She is described as being a dark-skinned brunette with shoulder length hair, as well as being bookish and as serious as Edgar Brace.

During their training and orientation, Mona partnered with Edgar Brace, due largely to their similarities in personality and nature.

Like Edgar Brace, Mona's primary usefulness in the squad is her wide and diverse range of general knowledge, including physics and the nature of the multiverse, as well as her ability to reason out and understand foreign technologies such as those found on Yngtak. She also serves as medic to the squad, again through her wide range of knowledge of medicine and potential causes of conditions encountered by the squad.

Mona was attacked and injured by Lian Yen after an encounter with a Purple Slice reality briefly left the psychopathic side of her mind in direct control of her actions. Despite this, Mona felt Lian Yen remained an asset to the squad, as she would be capable of remaining sane should any other insanity inducing realities be encountered.

Mona's general knowledge has helped save her squad mates multiple times, such as when both Cheng Yao and Kendrick Merrill were affected by illness brought on through consumption of plants from different realities, and also when saving Edgar Brace by helping him reprogram a damaged transmorphic sphere to heal himself.

Traits: Bookish, knowledgeable and practical. Good understanding of the sciences, with better than average analytical and reasoning skills.