Kendrick Merrill

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First Referenced:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 1)

Kendrick is described as a former farmhand, with a wide jaw and short buzz-cut blonde hair. Besides his natural strength, his role as a farmhand has given him strong arms and calloused hands. Since the events of The Crushing Fist, he has become a member of The New Exodus Vanguard.

Kendrick, along with many friends and neighbors participated in The Battle of the Capital Temple. Of his acquaintances, only Kendrick and two others survived the conflict, leaving him with an ongoing dislike for The Black-eyed Army and the Bre'kat in general.

Kendrick showed discomfort at the prospect of engaging in sexual activity with his fellow squad members, apparently due to his reluctance to reveal his homosexuality to them.

Kendrick has had previous experience riding motorcycles, with his father and brothers.

During an escape from a Gemstone Hegemony populated reality, Kendrick was attacked by a series of mechanical tools while travelling at high speed through a Machine Reality. While the motivations of the actions remain unknown, the attacks lead to a partial replacement of Kendrick's body with implanted mechanical replacements. This has significantly enhanced the strength of the right side of his body, as well as increased his weight. The ramifications of the modification are as of yet unknown.

Analysis of the modifications by medics on Amber Two identified that the implanted replacements had been integrated with Kendrick's existing nervous system. It is theorized that the machine system initially took Kendrick's hand, and used it as a basis to develop perfect upgrade parts for his entire body, capable of being integrated seamlessly with his existing nervous system. Due to the modifications only being partially completed, he must take care not to over-exert himself, as such actions could cause significant physical damage to the unmodified parts of his body.

Traits: Physically strong, exhibits ongoing post-traumatic stress from his losses in The Battle of the Capital Temple, typically channeled through anger and rage, as well as physical violence. Enhanced by bio-mechanical implants.