Machine Reality

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First Referenced:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 3)

The Machine Reality is an unusual reality encountered by Kendrick Merrill's squad of The New Exodus Vanguard. Unlike the typical varied versions of Earth encountered through inter-dimensional rifts across the Multiverse, this reality appears to largely comprise metallic, mechanical constructs at a planetary scale. While no stars were observable, even the local Moon was also covered with or made from mechanical components. It is postulated that the reality itself may be artificial or a pocket universe, similar to the Capital Temple or even Teskoy Prison.

Whether any intelligence exists within the mechanisms of this reality is unknown, however during transit by Kendrick Merrill and his squad, a series of very accurate and high speed mechanisms performed highly invasive advanced surgery on Kendrick Merrill, replacing the right hand side of much of his body with enhanced internal mechanical replacements. The motive for such an action remains unknown at this point.

Randy Ellwood postulated that the rift, and the entire reality may have been artificially generated.

Traits: Little is known about this reality, other than the presence of significant and advanced electro-mechanical constructs.