Amber Two

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First Referenced:

Our Final Acts (Part 8)

Additional References:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 4)

Amber Two is one of the original ten Branch Worlds created as part of the shield structure built by The First World and the Brownshirts. While it was presumed destroyed through the actions of Cristina Thompson, it has since been encountered by The New Exodus Vanguard.

While the exact motivations of the population of Amber Two are unknown, they have hidden their previous status as a branch world and are deeply distrustful of outsiders, being quite prepared to kill anyone who might reveal their existence to outsiders or remnants of The First World. Some of the more extreme elements of Amber Two's population also pursued Kendrick Merrill's team into the multiverse in an attempt to prevent them telling others of their discovery.

Lian Yen experienced this xenophobia first hand when secretly mingling with the general population, and suffered significant injuries as a result.

The exact status of Amber Two is unknown, as incursions from the Gemstone Hegemony and other threats from the multiverse appear to be an ongoing issue.