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N/A - Appears in some capacity in many stories featuring Noah Fulmer

Caitlin is a childhood friend of Chris and Noah Fulmer, willingly participating in many of the supernatural events they experienced in their early years.

Caitlin was originally described as the 'token weird girl' of the group of outcasts Noah Fulmer had as friends. Unlike Chris, she willingly joined Noah Fulmer in his investigating unusual phenomenon that he sensed.

Unlike both Noah Fulmer and Chris, Caitlin had a better social experience during highschool, dating Josh, a soccer player, prior to dating Chris some time later.

While investigating an entity that was living near a phenomenon later identified as a Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft, Caitlin, along with Chris and Noah Fulmer was duplicated by the rift. The duplicates were captured by a large carnivorous entity, and left to their fate. The fates of both the original Caitlin as well as her duplicate remains unknown.

Traits: Curious and adventurous, with a willingness to take risks. In early life considered a social outcast prone to picking her nose, although subsequently matured.