Quantum Duplication Rift/cleft

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First referenced:

The Right Turn

Other References:

'I think I may have missed the end of the world..... {Part ??}', Our Final Acts

First encountered by the Noah Fulmer, Chris and Caitlin in a rugged, rural location, the rift has the unusual property of duplicating lifeforms which enter it, based on the decision to go either left or right at a particular split within the structure of the cleft. Rather than going either left or right, the lifeforms would be split, with one copy going left, the other going right. Those that took the right path would promptly exit the cleft, while those that took the left path would exit some hours later.

While benign by itself, a dangerous, intelligent carnivorous entity, apparently similar to a large spider, and possibly similar to the Silver Nooses was apparently using the rift to capture the left path duplicates, subduing them and taking them to a cave for later consumption.

The Quantum Duplication Rift was also subsequently used by Noah Fulmer to create over two thousand duplicates of himself, along with armor and weaponry stolen from the Gemstone Hegemony.

The rift itself was destroyed during the final stages of The Crushing Fist, as later discovered by Ward Shaw (The Sword) and one copy of Noah Fulmer when they were planning to use it to duplicate a supply of food.