Silver Nooses

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First referenced:

The Portal in the Forest (Part 4)

Other references:

The Desolate Guardians (Part 3), I think I may have somehow missed the end of the world... (Part 3)

The Silver Nooses are described as thin, light, silvery strands that descend from thick clouds, and attempt to ensnare creatures below. The strands demonstrate at least rudimentary sensory abilities, evidenced by their tendency to first capture victims then coil tightly around the victim's neck. In addition to sensory abilities, the strands also demonstrate considerable motility by resisting movements induced by strong weather or struggling victims, as well as being able to rapidly lift captured victims into the upper atmosphere.


Described as long, silvery thread-like strands, which are extremely cold and smooth to the touch. Apparently can be cut through use of sharp wooden tools and knives, it is unknown whether they are resistant to sharp metal implements.

Typically exist in highly cloudy environments which can be used as cover when descending around potential victims. Lifts captured victims up high into the air where they remain, as first seen via the forest Portal. While unconfirmed, this entity appears to kill its victims via strangulation. It is also unknown why this entity capture and abducts victims.


First seen via the forest Portal prior to its redirection by the Regret Demon. Encountered in the universe affected by the Dimensional Fracture Bomb where many troops were lost to various dangerous entities, including the Silver Nooses. Subsequently encountered in a similar but less severely damaged universe by Noah Fulmer.