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First Referenced:

'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left.'

Additional References:

Our Final Acts (Part 3), Our Final Acts (Part 4)

Rothman was a member of the military of The First World (Command), serving under Brigadier-General Ward Shaw (The Sword) on Earth 44. During the revolt lead by Vasiliev Blaku he proceeded through The Ink and into a Shadow Sphere, which resulted in his transformation into a member of The Black-eyed Army.

Similar to Sorkis, he participated in The Battle of the Capital Temple, utilizing an Emerald Spatial Displacer to great effect in killing attacking members of the volunteer assault force. He met his demise through a fight with Noah Fulmer, who was able to detect and preempt the temporal and spatial displacements he was using during the battle, which caused him to be wounded sufficiently for the volunteer assault force to tear him to pieces in an effort to prevent his regeneration.

During his death, Rothman was able to recover his humanity (similar to Sorkis), feeling a deep remorse for his actions as a member of The Black-eyed Army and a powerful longing for those he had lost.

Traits: Physically intimidating and powerful due to the effects of the Shadow Sphere. Effective soldier, and prepared to follow orders. Vicious fighter when in battle.