Green Freeze Flame

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First Referenced:

'I think I may have missed the end of the world..... {Part ??}'

Additional References:

Our Final Acts (Part 7)

First encountered in Noah Fulmer's universe, these emerald green flames, rather than consuming their fuel, appear to take energy from their surroundings, resulting in a significant drop in temperature. Areas affected by such flames are usually covered in a thick layer of ice, and the fire itself is very difficult to contain.

Sentient Flames have been witnessed combating the freeze flames with some success. It is unknown whether the Green Freeze Flames are sentient or not.

The Green Freeze Flames were also used to attempt to contain the spread of GLORWOC on the Capital Temple pocket universe, along with multiple other universes that were infected by The Contaminator. It was handled and contained through the efforts of Sentient Flames who were assisting with the GLORWOC quarantine effort.


Does not burn or consume traditional fuel, although it does consume oxygen. Covers the affected areas in deep cold, precipitating large quantities of ice from atmospheric moisture and rain. Likely to be dangerous to life if not properly protected against.