Animal Shadow

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First Referenced:

'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left.' (Part 1)

Additional References:

Our Final Acts (Part 2), Our Final Acts (Part 4)

The Animal Shadows are the physical embodiment, or servants of the Shadow Entities. These animals dwell within The Ink and originate from the Shadow Spheres, which provide a gateway to their reality. As with the Shadow Entities, Animal Shadows also take delight in the sadistic torture of other living creatures, and are known for putting the mutilated remains of their victims in the paths of other future victims. The Animal Shadows are capable of seeing within The Ink, and generally attack, torture, then dismember their victims. While animalistic in nature, the Animal Shadows are intelligent and capable of significant rational thought.

Traits: Similar to the traits of a Shadow Entity. Takes delight in the sadistic torture of victims. Highly dangerous, but vulnerable to conventional weaponry.