Carnivorous Motile Vines

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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left. (Part 7)'

The Carnivorous Motile Vines are a species of highly mobile plant which derives nutrients from victims that are digested in highly corrosive purple liquid pools, secreted by the vines. The vines are non-sentient, but are capable of sensing and reacting rapidly to any movement within their vicinity.

Any object detected and successfully ensnared by the vines is promptly pulled to a digestion pool, where a corrosive purple liquid rapidly dissolves organic material. During the destruction of The First World, a section of city became infested with Carnivorous Motile Vines, which rapidly captured any human survivors, along with many other creatures and entities (such as Facehugging Plant Pods) unleashed on The First World from Teskoy Prison or from other dangerous realities.

Traits: Readily identified by their four inch thick vines and large leaves. Highly mobile, capable of capturing various life forms for digestion in acidic pools. Does not seem to favor any specific type of prey - plant or animal. Destructibility unknown, but can be sufficiently satiated (through feeding) to allow escape if trapped.