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First Referenced:

The Moon Aflame

Additional References:

Our Final Acts [Part 1]

Ashley was first encountered on the same Earth as Alek, and was previously in a relationship with Alek's neighbour, Dean. After the rise of the Dreamer On High, Ashley started dating Alek, and attempted to get him to look at the burning moon, in order for him to fall under the control of the Dreamer On High. When Alek discovered this, she then successfully attracted the attention of bystanders, who attacked him.

After the destruction of the Dreamer On High, Ashley continued to date Alek, subsequently escaping with him and many other refugees towards The First World in an attempt to seek shelter from The Crushing Fist.

Ashley is described by Alek as being thin, blonde and pretty.

Traits: Shares similar interests to Alek, but is more extroverted. Shows a manipulative side, although this may have been exacerbated by the effects of the Dreamer On High.