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First Referenced:

The Desolate Guardians (Part 3)

Additional references:

'I didn't miss the end of the world (Final Part)'

'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left (Part 3)'

Our Final Acts (Part 6)

Largely unknown entity, described by Jay as a giant spider made of corpses that preaches the 'Unholy Word'.

Described by Vasiliev Blaku through his encounters with it in The Ink as inducing a type of psychic attack on its victims. The 'Unholy Word' would result in approximately 9% of all forces entering The Ink to be converted and attack their comrades. Notably, Noah Fulmer is unaffected by the Preacher's psychic abilities.

Conn Thompson has pursued (and been pursued by) the Preacher into a world undergoing nuclear devastation. While Conn Thompson committed suicide, the Preacher was left to decay from severe radiation damage. Its current status is unknown, but presumed destroyed.

Traits: Giant spider-like creature made from corpses, preaches the 'Unholy Word'. Apparently intelligent, and may inhabit a 'Dark' universe, described as being filled with lakes of blood and mountains of corpses. Capable of collecting the corpses and souls of deceased victims to add to its own mass.