Neural Mosquito

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'I was told that everyone I'd served with in the military died shortly after I left. (Part 3)'

Described as being similar to a mosquito, these creatures can grow quite large, with wingspans of up to three feet. When destroyed, large numbers of smaller mosquitoes leave the original host and attack any nearby living creatures, attempting to enter their brains via the ears and nose. First encountered by The First World military under the command of The Sword when combating The Ink and the Preacher.

Once infected, a host creature will rapidly lose control of their faculties as the mosquitoes take over. The infected host will then attempt to approach other potential hosts in order to spread the infection, with complete disregard for the survival of the current host.

Traits: Traits similar to standard mosquitoes, apart from the ability to grow significantly in size. Carries live young which are also capable of flight. Vulnerable to fire, recommend use of flamethrowers. Detectable through use of brain scanning equipment such as MRIs.