Chronology of Events - The Black-eyed Army

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Encounter with the Shadow Sphere within The Ink on Earth 44 by military personnel of Command

Creation of The Black-eyed Army through traversal via the Shadow Sphere to different realities. The Sword was also affected by change, but was in part preserved through the presence of the Purple bio-stone which kept Cristina Thompson in control of his actions. The Purple bio-stone also allowed The Black-eyed Army to escape the entities that were torturing them.

Arrival on blood and bone reality.

Arrival of Shadow Sphere, triggered by rational thought of the members of The Black-eyed Army

Departure from blood and bone reality.

Travel through multiple realities via the Shadow Sphere. Return to human occupied space near the Outer Shield.

Collection of weapons, technology and exotic creatures determined to be useful and no longer a threat to their darkness-enhanced state. Kidnap and control of individuals with useful abilities.

Loss of Ward Shaw (The Sword) to capture by The First World

Later Activities

Attack on outpost on a Farming World in order to capture multiple Brownshirts. Escaped via the Shadow Sphere with multiple captives. Caused high casualties through use of gas to attempt knock-out and capture of Brownshirts, as the gas killed normal humans.

Searching to find a way to access the generators powering the Inner Shield and Outer Shield.

Movement of the Brownshirt captives, enroute to a shield generator location.

Participation in the battle of the Capital Temple. Heavy losses sustained.

Agreement to rejoin humanity as part of the alliance forged by Danny.

Withdrawl from the Capital Temple with all other non-GLORWOC infected individuals

Attachment to remaining human populations of The Council, acting as defenders and guardians against the horrors of the multiverse, as well as trainers for The New Exodus Vanguard