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First referenced:

The Portal in the Forest (Part 3)

Other references:

The Portal in the Forest (all subsequent sections)

The iWorker is a technological device which can take over basic motor functions of a user to perform pre-programmed tasks. Multiple iterations of the iWorker have developed additional enhancements such as size reductions, cleaner and less invasive neural grafting requirements, wireless mesh networking and the ability to detect when a user is fatigued or physically overworked.

In addition to these physical enhancements, optical iWorker systems have been developed to allow non-invasive installation in a human mind via programming through the optic nerve. These are characterized by a bright glowing red light.


Initially a user programmable device, the iWorker system has become self-perpetuating, and sufficiently advanced to be self-adapting to potential threats. Unprogrammed or free minds are considered either a potential threat or inefficiency and are forcibly programmed to both eliminate the threat and improve efficiency whenever possible. Characterized by an almost uncanny efficiency, with no need for interaction beyond that necessary to perform tasks. Will attempt to invade and program areas populated by unprogrammed individuals.


First encountered by Cristina Thompson, who met a living but reprogrammed alternate version of her deceased daughter, Laura Thompson.

A 1st generation unit was utilized by the children accompanying Cristina Thompson (notably, Thomas) in an attempt to dispose of the Soul Reader (Book)