Clint Alvarez

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First Referenced:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 1)

Additional References:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Multiple Parts)

Clint Alvarez is a member of The New Exodus Vanguard, and a member of Kendrick Merrill's squad. After first attempting to sacrifice Cheng Yao to the Closet Door Rift, and later admitting to both Kendrick Merrill and Cheng Yao that he had encountered the Closet Door Rift previously, he left the squad under threat of death should he return. Despite being separated from the squad, he was able to track them, encountering Jennifer Pixley in a frozen forest, although he still was not permitted to rejoin the squad.

Clint later encountered Mona Wygant and Edgar Brace, revealing his unusual ability to find the other members of the squad despite the significant distance between them all. As Clint had been described as "The Finder" by a grey rider, Mona Wygant opted to allow him to stick with them in order to locate the missing squad members.

After locating Kendrick Merrill, Clint was unsure whether he would be allowed to rejoin the squad. Kendrick Merrill's decision to reform the squad and not lose any other members was a primary factor in Clint rejoining the squad, as his tracking ability would be necessary to locate the remaining members of the squad.

Traits: Known to do whatever necessary to survive, including sacrificing those closest to him. Has the ability to detect or find people, even across vast distances and numerous realities.