Closet Door Rift

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First Referenced:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 1)

Additional References:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 2)

The Closet Door entity is a form of living dimensional rift, linking to a large multiverse dwelling organism, itself a form of reality. The entity itself is hostile to humanity, seeking to capture an individual every six hours in order to subject them to endless pain and torture, which would end only with the victim's death once all that made them human had been destroyed or stripped away.

The door itself is a targeted rift, not dissimilar to the natural rifts leading to The Raving In-betweens. Due to collecting Inter-reality Dust, the entity generating the rift is able to project the rift as a physical construct, in this case appearing as a closet door.

When encountered by The New Exodus Vanguard, it was identified that Clint Alvarez had previously encountered the entity, as he tried to sacrifice Cheng Yao to satiate it for another six hours. It is strongly implied that Clint Alvarez sacrificed his own family to the door in order to avoid being taken himself.

Cheng Yao successfully disabled or destroyed the door through use of a suitcase nuclear device, which detonated deep within the rift itself. It is presumed that the explosion has destroyed or seriously damaged the organism generating the rift, as it has not subsequently reappeared. Cheng Yao was able to escape the detonation, and survived to rejoin his squad.

Traits: More of a gateway to an entity rather than an entity proper. Capable of using differential pressure to suck in vast areas of a reality, including matter and victims. Avoids light and heat of fires, and of the sun. Capable of tracking a target, demonstrating at minimum base intelligence. Extremely hostile.