Chronology of Events - Brownshirts

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Chronology of Brownshirt flight

Existence as energy beings

Encounter between The Wanderer and envoys of Her Glory

Alliance with Her Glory and The First World established.

Creation of the Inner Shield, Outer Shield and Branch Worlds while allied with The First World, through self sacrifice to give the shield a form of permanence.

Descent to physical form in preparation for fleeing Von Neumann machines consuming home universe.

First portal established to Alek's universe. Encounter with the Dreamer On High.

Flight from Alek's universe during/after the destruction of the Dreamer On High to a universe entirely consumed by Sentient Flames.

Flight from Sentient Flames universe to Cordyceps Fungus universe. Number of Brownshirt community lost to fungus, later encountered briefly by Cristina Thompson.

Flight from Cordyceps Fungus universe to unknown universes. Track lost.

Separation of Thomas and his mother from the rest of the Brownshirt community.

Loss of Thomas' mother after unknown traversals of reality.

Random traversal of realities by Thomas, until arrival in the universe of Danny, where Cristina Thompson was also temporarily based.

Imprisonment of surviving Brownshirts in Teskoy Prison, blamed along with The Sword for bringing The Crushing Fist down on the multiverse by the inhabitants of The First World.

Rescue of surviving Brownshirts from Teskoy Prison by Danny and the others in a rescue party which included Conn Thompson.

Capture of surviving Brownshirts by The Black-eyed Army

Movement of captive Brownshirts by The Black-eyed Army to a new location, believed to be enroute to a Shield generator.