The Wanderer

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First Referenced:

The New Exodus Vanguard (Part 9)

The Wanderer is a member of the Brownshirts, exiled due to the perceived oddness of his preference to exist in his physical form, rather than as a pure being of energy.

The Wanderer first encountered Verene and members of Her Glory's people when traveling between various realities, after Her Glory created the first Techno-Portal device while seeking a cure for her husband's condition. Drawn to her reality, The Wanderer used his abilities as a Brownshirt to examine Her Glory, Conrad and Verene's minds, commenting that they were "bigger than they should be".

Although unable to help with Conrad's condition, The Wanderer was able to explain some of the nature of his people and that they may be able to help Conrad further. He subsequently lead an envoy to the home reality of the Brownshirts and through their contact, helped forge the alliance with what would become the empire of The First World.

At some point in the future, The Wanderer wed Verene and they had four children together, one of them being Wecelo's mother. Little else is known of their history.

Traits: Brownshirt, survivalist and more comfortable with his physical form than other Brownshirts. Possesses skills that allow him to examine the minds of others.