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Some parts need work here, particularly in terms of consistency.

For the Entities section, the following currently need content:

Amethyst Pyramid - The Gemstone hegemony entity that pursued the squad, and which also invaded Amber Two. Known to be lethal, but exact means unknown.

Parasitic Mechabug - Swarm of bugs encountered after the squad escaped the time loop. Mechanical, cherry oak colored, metallic, implants via the cheek and exerts some form of mind control.

Mind-control Predator - Not entirely sure this is a good name for this entity, but it will do for now. This is the thing the squad encountered after escaping the aforementioned mechabugs. Sentient, predatory, seems to have a guilty conscience (which is why it lets some live). Capable of reading minds in considerable detail too.

For the People section, the following need content:

Clint - Not much to say here, just needs a basic bio based on what we know so far.

Edgar Brace - Needs content derived from The New Exodus Vanguard part 6.

Jennifer Pixley - Not much to be said about her yet, apart from basic bio based on what we know so far.

Mona Wygant - Same again, we need more content

Most of the other people entries from The New Exodus Vanguard all need further updates here and there.

Enigmas page could use some revision too, if anyone has time?

--Heath (talk) 14:01, 5 November 2015 (UTC)