Amethyst Pyramid

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First Referenced:

Our Final Acts (Part 6)

Additional References

The New Exodus Vanguard (Multiple Parts)

Amethyst pyramids are crystalline entities, named such due to their color and shape being that of a large, flying inverted pyramid. They belong to a similar category as other Gemstone Hegemony entities such as the Ruby Cube and Diamond Farmers.

Sharing many of the traits of other Gemstone Hegemony entities, amethyst pyramids are capable of high speed flight and are generally considered hostile to humanity. They are effectively suicide weapons, utilizing their own body or form as a kinetic weapon, as well as generating a large sphere of complete annihilation, resulting in the destruction of themselves and whatever is in close proximity to them. While similar in functionality, they should not be confused with the small Amethyst Suicide Devices, which are much smaller and are tools, rather than apparent crystalline life forms.

Kendrick Merrill and his squad have been pursued multiple times by amethyst pyramids, including through Amber Two. Although initially thought to be hostile, it has since been revealed that many amethyst pyramids have been funneling lost members of The New Exodus Vanguard first and second waves to specific realities in preparation for a major battle with the machines of Her Glory.

Little is known of the nature of amethyst pyramids, and it is still unknown whether they are sentient in their own right. They do not appear to be inhabited by other Gemstone Hegemony entities, and contain circulatory fluid in the form of a gooey purple solution of ionic compounds (salts), which is known to stain clothing and generate an unpleasant smell.

Traits: Little known, capable of surviving significant firepower and capable of dealing significant damage to hostile entities, although at significant cost, as their primary weapon of offence results in their own destruction. Apparently also readily capable of inter-dimensional travel, although the mechanism for such travel is unknown. Considered hostile to human life, albeit potential allies in the face of a greater threat.