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First Referenced: The Shelter In The Storm

Additional References:

The Hungry Invader

Insectoid race first encountered by an unnamed person sheltering during a rain storm.

Later encountered in “The Hungry Invader” as a protagonist species and individual encountering the mass of refugees from the collapse of the First World.

The Zkirax are capable of perceiving colors and specifically uses Red to denote passable/safe and Green to denote impassable/danger. Food sources appear to be fungus, moss and lichen grown underground and agriculturally based crops grown seasonally on the surface.

Zkirax civilization is subterranean based, similar to an ant nest or hive in nature using massive caverns and caves interconnected by tunnels to house the population. The Zkirax make use of the natural glowing properties of various mosses to light the tunnels and caves of their city (orange glowing moss is used to light the human inhabited section).

Physically, Zkirax resemble insects approximately 6 feet tall with four legs, at least two sharp bladed arm-like appendages and mandibles. They communicate with Humans via sign language, but communicate amongst themselves using pheromones. Initially in conflict with the First World Empire refugees who were in search of new food sources, an uneasy truce and alliance was formed in which the Zkirax provided shelter and food to the Human refugees. It is later revealed by Ward Shaw that the price for the Zkirax cooperation was that once their food supplies were depleted, the Human refugees would be incapacitated and become their replacement food source.

It is expected that the Zkirak food supplies would be exhausted within three months of Edgar Brace, Neil Yadav and Kumari Yadav, and Grayson arriving.

Traits: Non-human, insectoid, approximately six feet tall with four legs and additional manipulator arms and mandibles. Sentient. Considered relatively neutral despite initial hostilities.